About Sheilah

SGI believe in following your dreams, inspirational stories and life lessons that make us all better. I also believe that sometimes we need a little help to find our direction and to create what we desire. Most of all, I believe in the strength of people and the difference they can make in our lives – personally and professionally. My strengths help others connect, collaborate and communicate. 

Everyday you are trying to influence someone. I’d love to chat and see how I may be able to help your organization.”


Do they smile or answer? Cringe or put you to voice mail? Or do they even recognize your number at all?


Rich career initiating collaborative partnerships, strategic connections and developing innovative ideas.

“As a company, entrepreneur or individual, continued growth is vital. Technology can help us facilitate that growth but only to a certain degree. Relationships, strategic partnerships and creative ideas still reign supreme when your goal is to stand out and be remembered.”

As busy professionals we don’t always take time to implement a plan of change to get us where we want or need to be. If you need help building relationships, building your brand or building up your employees, let’s talk.

Spokesperson – On Camera Personality – Public Speaker

Thrive on communicating impactful messages in-person, via broadcast and through public forms.

“I believe in this age of social media something has been lost – the art of communicating – the ability to be able to EFFECTIVELY communicate.”

Able to appeal to varying demographics, leading to continued demand as an actress, television personality, live event host and corporate spokesperson. Dynamic speaker on topics of communication – if that be the difference between males and females in the workforce, Baby Boomers and the Millennials or turning a NO into a YES. 
Featured in over 500 commercials and videos speaking on behalf of advertisers nationwide and was seen daily across the country as a segment host.

Advertising Strategist – Producer

Rich career raising the profile of companies through marketing, advertising and public relations.

  • Creative & Technical Writer
  • Multi-Award Winning Video Producer
  • Project & Brand Management
  • Strategic Advertising/Marketing Planning and Execution
  • Creative Concepting and Design
  • Mass Media Planning & Placement • Local/Regional/National

Entrepreneur – Mentor – Facilitator

Broad-based expertise in leading new business ventures, managing change and developing effective professional and personal growth strategies. Selected for leadership position within a nationally respected female entrepreneurial organization; facilitated workshops alongside individual mentoring. Offered support programs to assist others in launching their own business, or growing their current venture and develop their personal brand and strategy. 

Excellent Communicator, Problem Solver and Motivator
Creative & Technical Copywriter
Creative Business Development and Idea Generation Specialist
Expert Company Spokesperson and Presenter
Strategic Alliance Development Specialist

– Project Management
– Brand Development
– Campaign Development
– Mass Media Management
– Public Relations Management
– Professional On-Camera Interviewer and Spokesperson
– Professional Educational and Motivational Public Speaker
– Skilled Workshop Leader
– Award-Winning Video Producer


“How to Stand Out by Simply Communicating”
“How to Motivate Women in the Workforce”
“How to Deal With Bullies, Narcissists and Takers Who Slow Down Business”
“Communication Tips for Millenials in the Workforce”
“How to Stand Out in a Crowd”
“How to Use Language and Communication Tools to Manage Clients”
“Relationship Development & Its Effect on Business”
“How to Stand Out During a Recession”
“How to Stand Out in the Age of Digital Communication”
“How Women and Men Launch Businesses Differently”